Brand Designer: Adrienne Butikofer

Adrienne Butikofer stopped producing collections under the Butikofer label after the Fall 2009 season. She had her first daughter in 2009 and her second in 2011. She now balances being a Mom with designing a line of covetable pants called Skinny Sweats, and working as a freelance designer.

Adrienne Butikofer's career aspirations were apparent from an early age. While growing up in Winnipeg, Butikofer was inseparable from her sewing machine by nine years of age, and was designing her own clothing by high school. Adrienne graduated from the fashion design program at Fanshawe College in 2003. She got her start in the fashion industry by creating one-offs and selling them through a handful of independent boutiques in Toronto. During this period, she was voted “Toronto's Up and Coming Designer” by the readers of NOW Magazine and she also won the NOW Magazine Designer Challenge, which involved creating a dress out of newsprint. Designing one offs evolved into creating full collections and the Butikofer label was established in 2007, and was well received by both the Canadian fashion industry and media alike. Her first collection was chosen as a TFI [Toronto Fashion Incubator] New Label's Competition Finalist and her work has since been featured in featured in The Toronto Star, National Post, LouLou, Gloss magazine, Eye Weekly, NOW, the Metro, Canadian Teen Girl, Toronto Street Fashion, Rags and Mags, blog TO, Muted magazine and the Underground.

The Butikofer girl covets high fashion. She has a unique, personal brand and her style truly reflects this. The Butikofer look is un-precious yet flattering; staple pieces with a twist that transition seamlessly from season to season and with the other pieces in ones closet. Butikofer expertly blends seemingly opposite aesthetics; simple and complex, pretty and rugged, vintage and modern, old technology and new eco-fabrics to produce a wearable and highly unique fashion line.